Why Choose ECLC ?

ECLC is an Exclusive Internationale Early Childhood Learning Centre which promotes the holistic development of the child.

At ECLC we use an intentionally blended programme using the strong predology from the Montessori Philosophy and inspired by Reggio Emilia’s teachings.

Our founder and management are internationally trained educators and we have educational consultants from Korea, Hong Kong and the American School of Bombay.


We have a group of internationally trained Montessori and early childhood educators who are enthusiastic, committed & nurturing teachers.

We are introducing Infant Montessori in ECLC which includes specially designed Montessori materials for children aged from 8- 22 months.

We embrace children’s innate curiosity and encourage their natural love of learning by creating a safe, enriching and a beautifully designed Green environment.

We have an aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment for allowing children to embrace the simple joys of life such as an outdoor artists hut and an organic garden right in the centre of the city.

We believe that parent support and involvement is critical to the success of our school and we look forward to strengthening this bond.