To be recognized and respected as a leading Early Childhood Centre in India by developing valuable citizens, providing an outstanding international education and preparing our young learners for transition to the next stage of their life




We believe children do not simply need to receive knowledge – they also need to experience and develop their senses in a well prepared and natural environment. We provide a place where your child can laugh and play, learn, make friends and is made to feel at home.


“Education is a natural process carried by our human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” –  Dr. Maria Montessori

We work around this wonderful philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori along with Reggio Emilia’s teachings. We understand that children learn at different rates in different developmental areas. One size does not fit all. In general, more emphasis should be placed on the process, rather than the product, of learning.

All children should leave ECLC at the end of each day feeling like they were successful.